Cyberhotel - DD-WRT - Asus RT-N16

Firmware DD-WRT
with Optware
Optimised Asterisk server
Runing Cyberhotel system

Demo with 2 room phones
Door entry system
and one Deck phone.

Cherry on top cake
with this all included solution
no more Sip nat problem
and embedded VPN server
for remote maintenance.

This is a very difficult challenge
as Cyberhotel
need advanced services
like a real PBX for admin
and many services
are now working
with Perl AGI
to be suitable for processor.


Is a full Hotel
System including
Phone billing,
Door entry
Direct call
in room from
everywhere with
just one number
and a random code

Interface include
3 languages
and powerfull
dynamic features
Full server version
include captive
portal wifi
Wifi support on this
version is in beta